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2006 alevins tilapias

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Ivory Coast
Fish harvest by a family of farmers
Integrated rice culture-aquaculture in Forest Guinea
Fish harvest in dam pond
Ivory Coast
Fry production in happas
Meeting of a group of fish farmers
Sorting fish while fishing
Dam pond: production pond and service pond
Heterotis niloticus bred in association with tilapia
Ivory Coast
Visit of a dam pond by the project team
Sale of common carp fry
Ivory Coast
Purse seine fishing in a dam pond
Semi-artificial reproduction of common carp

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APDRA is looking for an executive assistant at the head office in France.

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APDRA leaflet 2020

APDRA Plaquette 2020 FR 4Pages Page 1

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APDRA celebrates
its 25th anniversary!

In 1996, the APDRA-F was created following the development of an extensive fish farming model adopted by many fish farmers in Côte d'Ivoire...

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Malagasy integrated
aquaculture agriculture

  DeFiP Program
Component Cambodia

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2012 video heterotis

Reproduction of the heterotis in Madagascar - East Coast
2020. Film produced as part of the PADPP3 project

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