Art Notre Approche Projet associatif APDRA

To fulfil this mission the association promotes a commercialized fish farming integrated into family holdings: the producer is using family work and the resources of the exploitation to produce a fish clearly destined to generate monetary benefits. This type of fish farming benefits from the mutualization of some production factors and of eco-systemic synergies. It has to be integrated in social dynamics to perpetuate and develop. The association also tries to stimulate and promote the activity via the relevant politic institutions

The fish farming promoted by the APDRA aims at being profitable and sustainable. It can be put in place by the producers using their own means. It wants to suit the fish farmers and their families who are in the middle of its development. The added value it generates has mainly local repercussions.

The fish farming promoted by the APDRA aims to strengthens the adaptability abilities of the producer towards climate changes, and this whether in improving the water availability for other agricultural activities, in restoring the fertility of the soils in damaged environments or in reducing the polluting effect of cattle effluents or soiled water.

Intervention principles

          1807 Photo approche