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2112 JAE GSDM SPECIAL couvertureCase study of innovations in commercial West African family fish farming that led to an ecological intensification
Lethimoniier D., Bentz B., Mikolasek O. et Oswald M. - 2022- Aquatic Living Resources n°35 vol. 6, 11p.
Mots clefs : Innovation, Agroecology, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea
2019 FAO AQUA JMM Page 001Malagasy integrated aquaculture agriculture
Andria-Mananjara D. E., Martel P., Raliniaina M., Andriamarolaza R., Rakotomanana D., Mikolasek O., Mortillaro J.-M. - 2019 - In FAO, Report of the Special Session on Advancing Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture through Agroecology, Montpellier, France, 25 August 2018. FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Report No. 1286. Rome.
Key words : Rice fish farming, integrated fish farming, Madagascar

Article Quae ENExtensive Fish Farming, a Complementary Diversification of Plantation Economies
Oswald M. - 2015 - In F. Ruf et G. Schroth (éds.). Economics and Ecology of Diversification: The Case of Tropical Tree Crops - Quae / Springer - pp. 201-224
Copyright reserved
Key words : fish farming, fish consumption, plantation economy, family labour, investment capacity


facts 2 49 2009Rice fish-farming in Guinée Forestière - outcome of a rural development project
Simon D. et Benhamou J. F.- 2009 - Field Actions Science Reports n°2 - pp.49-56
Key words : fish farming, economic profitability, social impact

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